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SPR-SUM 2016

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P A L M B E A C H R E L O C A T I O N G U I D E . C O M 179 Long gone are the days of mandatory retirement at age 65, and with it, the idea that one's golden years were to be spent simply sitting quietly on the front porch in a rocking chair as they watch life. To begin with, forget about that rocking chair –how does a morning spent working out in the gym or pedaling along the waterfront sound? ACTIVE ADULTS + senior living As for the front porch, seniors in the Palm Beach County area find that they have a wide variety of housing options that can accommodate their budget, while enjoying their lifestyle in a commu- nity that encourages the development and pursuit of their personal interests, goals and activities. While aging is inevitable, medical advances and healthy lifestyle choices are responsible for increasing the number of years a person may live, and improving one's quality of life. The result is that the demographics of seniors in Palm Beach County have under- gone some significant changes: the term "senior" may describe an active person between their late 50's, or early 80's. Baby Boomers now entering the senior arena are faced with the responsibility of preparing not only for their own retirement, but also with making retirement and housing plans for their elderly parents as well. Fortunately, Palm Beach area offers a wide array of options to accommodate the different requirements and lifestyles of its seniors. From upscale retirement commu- nities offering residents a choice of social, cultural, travel and sporting opportunities, to active seniors, to full-care facilities special- izing in caring for the elderly with mental and physical disabilities, there is a senior citizen living solution to fit every need. TAKING STOCK OF YOURSELF When making retirement housing plans, there's no denying that the number and diversity of choices available might make the process feel overwhelming. Begin by taking a personal inventory that takes into account personal living expenses, health, interests and expectations. Budget Inventory: Make a list of monthly expenses, from rental or housing fees to day-to-day living expenses such as dry cleaning and energy bills to current or antic- ipated medical expenses. The point is to be realistic about everyday expenses now, so there are no rude surprises later.

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