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SPR-SUM 2016

The Palm Beach Relocation Guide is Palm Beach County's most respected relocation publication and is a MUST for anyone considering visiting, moving to, living in, or just wants to learn more about the Palm Beaches.

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Reducing the stresses of caregiving Something's got to give When Sherrie's 86-year-old father Roger became seriously ill, everything in her life turned upside-down. Suddenly, she was thrust into the role of caregiver. She was happy to do anything she could to help her father, but the increased stress lef her feeling depleted. Te health impact of caregiving "Te demands of caregiving can put your health at risk, ofen resulting in stress, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, depression, physical exhaustion, alcohol or drug abuse, and neglect of your own medical issues," stated Karen Kennedy, DO, Vice President of Medical Afairs, TrustBridge Health. What's a caregiver to do? "Asking for help and reducing stress are so important for caregivers. As you take better care of yourself, the loved ones you care for will beneft as well." 6 simple tips for reducing stress 1. Change breathing patterns to induce relaxation. 2. Take a "stretch break." 3. Reduce stress with healthful foods. 4. Smile to reduce stress and produce endorphins. 5. Quiet your mind with meditation. 6. Master the art of quality sleep. Hospice by the Sea INC. Supporting caregivers is what we do. Whatever level of support you need, we can help. (888) 848-5200 •

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